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Moving Into August..

It's almost been a month since these blog posts began and VZYC Manchester is already making its first great steps towards creating a safer, more efficient environment for us all.

We had our first meeting (over zoom) on the 28th of July and we wanted to show what we discussed and planned moving forward into August.

We decided that, instead of creating one large general to-do list, we should focus on each individuals role and set tasks based on that. So our first meeting mainly consisted of going around the table from person to person, discussing their roles and potential ideas going forward.

For Jack, our Chief Media Officer, James suggested that he creates some flyers that we can use for when we visit schools in the future. Whilst we want to get young people involved, we understand that it takes up a fair amount of time to be involved, and we want to make sure that we offer some benefits to kids getting involved with our organisation. We thought that showing this through flyers would be the most efficient way to do this.

For Dan, our community outreach officer, the focus is mainly on contacting schools and colleges to organise future visits to try and have an impact on younger people about road safety and awareness. This will also help us recruit members to help gain a better reach to younger people.

For Chris, the main focus is social media and how VZYC presents itself online. Social media is a very powerful platform and we feel that by using our time on social media wisely, we will be able to have a larger impact among a larger audience. We also wanted to focus on starting social media campaigns and following social media using hashtags.

For Alex, the main focus is just to continue with the blogs here on the VZYC site, and to help start up the ethics committee which will aid VZYC Manchester when we begin to carry out studies.

For Richard, the main focus is beginning to look at working with an air pollution lab which will aid in a study about air pollution in Manchester City Centre. We will need to look into gaining access to specific equipment to carry out such a study, however, it is good to keep in mind for the future!

Jacob's focus is mainly on research. There are some free courses available at the minute for the members (and for the public too!) which will give us a better, more specific understanding of road safety, and what it means to be a youth organisation that focuses on road safety.

And for Hannah, we discussed how it would be beneficial for her to look at recruitment and potential conference events that we may be able to hold within the next year or so. Hannah will aid the ethics board in creating studies, and will generally aid members in research.

Hopefully seeing what we have discussed in our very first board meeting gets you excited and looking ahead to what VZYC Manchester may be able to achieve moving forward! Please look forward to our next meeting minutes and our future blog posts here on Monday the 10th of August!!

Stay Safe,

VZYC Manchester

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