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About Us

The Vision Zero Youth Council (VZYC) was created in 2014 in New York City. After being active in the United States for over five years, the VZYC gained its first international chapter in Rwanda In February of 2020. In June of 2020, our chapter was created as the first European chapter.

Our organisation is dedicated to educating youth on traffic safety statistics and conditions in their respective communities and across the world. We work to empower youth to speak up and have their voices heard. Our main goal is to create partnerships with schools, other organisations, and government officials so no more people - especially children - die because of unsafe roads.

Our Mandate

Our mandate at VZYC Manchester will be as the following:

  • Carry out research into where there are clear issues of road safety, pertaining to mainly pedestrians and cyclists but also road users.

  • Work with road safety organisations in order to secure the implementation of road safety equipment/measures.

  • Work closely with councils and government departments.

  • Provide road safety education in primary schools and obtain the children's thoughts on road safety and how it can be improved.

  • Feedback information from the children's questionnaires to local councils, allowing them to participate in policies which will affect them.

  • Advocate for and researching ways to achieve cleaner air, a central issue of road safety. 

To express and put forth our ideas for achieving Vision Zero in Manchester, we put together a manifesto proposal in collaboration with Action Vision Zero. Click HERE to see our Manifesto Proposal for the Mayoral Elections 2021 

Meet the Executive Committee


James Brown


Hi, I’m James and I am the President of this UK chapter of Vision Zero Youth Council! I make sure everything is running smoothly and make sure we are hitting our goals in terms of road safety and education.
I have graduated with first-class honours in Law and I plan on using my knowledge in this field to help drive this organisation forward! Road safety is often overlooked but everywhere we look there are clear and fixable issues.  Road traffic injuries are the biggest killer on earth behind diseases, and unlike diseases are fully preventable. That is why I will lead our chapter of VZYC to facilitating a safer place for all.

image0 (2).jpeg

Bhumit Mistry
Design Officer 

Hi, my name's Bhumit (I also go by Mit) and I am the Media Officer for VZYC Manchester. I recently graduated with a First Class Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and I have a keen interest in designing spaces that are safer and more ecologically sustainable.
My role involves creating content for our social media channels, writing blog posts, designing our manifesto and managing our website. I am a strong believer in younger generations having the ability to shape the future and hope to see this in action through VZYC.

Alexandra Hughes

Chief Blogs Officer

Hi! I am Alex, and I am VZYC's Chief Blogs Officer! I have graduated with 2:1 honours in English Language and Linguistics, and I was introduced to VZYC by James. I have 4 years experience with Blogging and I hope that I can help VZYC to engage with a younger generation to provide a better, safer environment for the future. I will aim to provide transparency and education on all things to do with VZYC through our blog, which can be found on this site! 

Christopher Wright
Vice Media Officer

Hi! I’m Chris and I am the Vice Media Officer. I focus on the social media aspect of the Youth Council and my main aim is to respond, interact and engage people using these online platforms. I am studying Computer Science at University which gives me the knowledge to be effective with my role. I joined this chapter of Vision Zero because I want to see a world with safer roads and cleaner air.


Daniel McMillon

Community Outreach Officer

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m the Community Outreach Officer. I am a University graduate and my role is to reach out and be in communication with schools and other community services. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

Parunya Tangyoopuwadol

Research Coordinator

Hi! My name is Ploy, and I am the Research Coordinator. I have recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Management from Durham University. My responsibility is to conduct research on how to improve road safety along with air quality in Manchester. I decided to join VZYC because I want to apply my knowledge to make the city safer.


Richard Walmsley

Research Officer

Hi, I’m Richard and I am responsible for research in the Vision Zero Youth Council. My main role is to conduct studies on sections of Manchester that have been noted as particularly dangerous, whether that is due to traffic hazards or low-quality air levels. I am currently completing my masters in Civil and Architectural Engineering and I specialize more in the study of wind flow but also want to improve the safety of the roads around us. I look forward to helping out to reduce air pollution and improving traffic safety in Manchester to make the city safer and cleaner for everyone.

Jacob Proffitt

Research Officer

Hi there! My name is Jacob and I recently graduated from the University of Manchester, and I was introduced to VZYC by our president James. I am really passionate about raising awareness for and educating on often overlooked and ignored issues like road safety and air quality within cities. If you have any questions for us feel free to drop us a message on the website!

We are very proud to have an honorary board of experienced and distinguished veterans in the road safety sector.

Honorary Board and Advisors

John Whitelegg

John Whitelegg is Visiting Professor, School of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University and an Associate of the German transport research organisation Zentrum fuer Mobilitätskultur.  He has authored 11 books on sustainable transport and related issues and his latest book “Mobility: A New Urban Design and Transport Planning Philosophy for a Sustainable Future” was published in September 2015.  He has worked on sustainable transport projects in India, China, Australia, Germany, Sweden and Slovenia and on the same subjects with the European Parliament and European Commission.  He is the technical author of the world’s first technical standard on reducing demand for private motorised transport and published by the British Standards Institution.  He is a former member of the International Advisory Board of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy in Germany and an adviser on road safety and promoting "active travel" to reduce obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease to the World Health Organisation in Geneva.  He is the founding editor of the journal “World Transport Policy and Practice” which is now in its 25th year of publication.


In September 2020 John was appointed to the position of Fellow in Transport and Climate Change by the (UK) Foundation for Integrated Transport

Afzal Pervez

External Advisor - Ethics Committee

Afzal Pervez is a Law graduate, currently writing his thesis for a Masters Degree in International Relations.

Aside from this, Afzal is a Political Commentator, offering advice, commentary and insight on national and international political affairs. Afzal is an independent researcher, producing internationally acclaimed research for various think tanks in topics such as politics and religion. Afzal's particular experience in research at a high level will be of invaluable use in VZYC research and studies, We are very excited to work with him!

General VZYC Body


We have a general body of members which is beginning to grow. We have researchers, event planners and social media officers from all international backgrounds. Many even work remotely from their homes all over the globe.


You can join Vision Zero Youth Council Manchester too, and be part of our body of members who are working towards a safer future, just fill out the form here

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