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Our Research

Details and results of our research projects undertaken

Here at VZYC UK, we will achieve road safety outcomes through extensive, ethical and meaningful research projects. These projects are central to our mission. With the evidence we have gathered, we can draft weighted results which will convey a clear need for investment and improvement from the council. As a youth organisation, we can offer a unique set of data.

All of our research projects will be reviewed prior to execution by our well established in-house ethics committee, which will consist of our President, Blogs Officer, the executive board Research Officers as well as an external ethics advisor to prevent bias.

You can also view pictures from our studies by clicking here.





The  various crossroads along Deansgate are well known for dangerous crossing. Pedestrians in this busy city cross at dangerous times and face near misses due to untimely delays in the crossing mechanism. Our researchers have noticed a tendency for pedestrians to hesitate and ponder on whether they should risk crossing as they are running late for work. This hesitation is due to uncertainty and many will even cross late as the green man disappears.

Meanwhile, in Oxford Road at various junctions, pedestrians enjoy New York style countdown signals. Giving them the time they have left to cross. Our researchers believe this will be a great solution to stop uncertainty and dangerous crossing at the Deansgate junctions, and protect pedestrians from possible road traffic injuries.

Research Study

Our research team will conduct an observational study on two sites. 

Site 1: The crossroads at Deansgate, Quay St and Peter St

Site 2: The crossroads at Oxford St and Whitworth St


The team will observe, how many people cross the road within a given time, how many cross safely and how many cross dangerously. They hypothesise that less dangerous crossings will be observed at the crossroads with the pedestrian countdown timer.

Our Ethics Committee

Alexandra Hughes

Chief Blogs Officer

Richard Walmsley

Exec Research Officer

James Brown


Jacob Proffitt

Exec Research Officer

Afzal Pervez

External Advisor

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